Why Majestic: Venting Options


Venting Options


Ideal for installation where a traditional fireplace cannot be installed and for smaller rooms.

With no venting required, vent free fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere. Stylish and efficient, vent free products add heat and ambience with little time or effort.

How it Works

Vent free hearth systems operate without an exterior venting system. They draw combustion air from inside the home and are designed to burn so efficiently (up to 99.9%) as to eliminate the need for venting.


A perfect solution for homes without an existing chimney.

These systems eliminate the need for a traditional chimney, offering the opportunity to place a fireplace in just about any room – provided venting can be run to an outside wall or through the roof (maximum venting distances apply).

Direct Vent
How it Works

Direct Vent fireplaces draw combustion air from the outdoors as well as exhausting to the outdoors using a pipe venting system finished on the exterior with a vent cap. Direct Vent fireplaces are often vented up through the roof or out to the side or back of the building. Direct Vent units must have a sealed glass door to maintain proper combustion and to ensure efficiency and indoor air quality.

How it Works

Also referred to as Natural Vent, B-Vent fireplaces are similar to a direct vent fireplace. The difference between them is that a B vent draws combustion air from inside the home versus outside air.