Style & Finishing

Create the right look for your home with facings and accessories.

See how our Solitaire Series is transformed with different interior and exterior options!

Sleek Sophistication Solitaire Series with Contemporary Glass Kit and Black Porcelain Panels

Nature-Chic Solitaire Series with Natural Stone and Glass Kits with Black Porcelain Panels

Rustic Tradition Solitaire Series with Log Set and Cottage Red Firebrick

Old Meets New Solitaire Series with Log Set and Black Porcelain Panels

Style to Suit any DÉcor

Log Sets

Inspired by nature and hand- painted in life-like detail, our log sets range from traditional to contemporary driftwood so you can enjoy the beautiful look of a wood-burning fire without the hassle of real wood.

Glass Kits

A contemporary alternative to logs, fireglass kits are available in a variety of colors and create a truly captivating, jewel-like appearance.

Stone Kits

For a nature-chic look, stone kits create a sophisticated, refined look that is stunning in any fireplace.

Liners and Firebrick

We offer a variety of traditional firebrick options for a classic hearth look. For a sleek alternative, porcelain liners reflect the flames for a brilliant effect.

Surrounds and Facings

From traditional to contemporary, we offer a wide variety of facings and surrounds so you can finish your fireplace just right.

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